Freaky Phillip’s Morning Kickstart: A Playlist to Wake You Up

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At Remezcla, we provide a platform to discover and discuss the latest and greatest sounds created by emerging Latin artists and DJs. But music-makers are music-fans too, and we rarely get to ask what they’re listening to.

That’s where the Morning Kickstart comes in, playlists curated by some of our favorite DJs, where they share the tracks that get them moving in the morning.

They’ll get you moving, too.

Freaky Philip is a radio DJ in Santo Domingo. With a background in hip-hop and reggaeton, he is currently on his moombahton game, producing original tracks and remixes. He borrows from a wide range of music styles in his sets to find new and unexpected ways to keep the crowd moving. Here’s how Freaky Phillip gets his juices moving in the morning:

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Meketrefe’s Morning Kickstart.