Free Download: Ferraz's 1977 EP [VEN]

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It’s exciting to hear fresh new producers who seem to come out of nowhere. Venezuelan netlabel Cocobass, the guys who brought us the first Siete Catorce EP, just released the first piece of work from Valencia’s Ferraz. 1977 is a lovely little five-track EP that could totally work on the dance floor as well as in a romantic situation.

Five songs where the producer jumps effortlessly from one genre to the next, but always giving us healthy doses of rich synths, full and gliding basses, unexpected fills, interesting harmonies and catchy hooks. There are also some vocal samples from unknown sources, but also samples from more direct references like Chic. Not bad for a first release at all! We get equal parts of funk, house, and soul, with hints of tropical bass. Manuel Ferraz says he makes “beats to make love to,” and we’re feeling the vibe.