Free Download: 16 Free Tracks from Cassette Blog's Compilation [MEX]

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I like compilations that house contributions from names I’ve never ever heard of. Cassette Blog’s eighth compilation, Va-Prisma Desenfocado—celebrating their three years on this digital Earth—has those in spades. Souvlaki, Ummagma, Flying Cape Experience, and Charlie Nieland are a few of the foreign (to me) monikers on this excellent 16-track collection. Familiarity kicks in during number 13 with Sixties Guns’ “Scumbag Calligraphy,” an exclusive track for the comp, which will also find space in the band’s upcoming debut. Sixties Guns singer Xavi Vilaplana calls the song “dark gangsta pop” and you’ll see why once the big beat drops over his disaffected voice. Listen and download all 16 tracks below.