Free Download: Afrolicious' "Pleasure Time" (Novalima Remix) [USA]

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In the Bay Area, Afrolicious is known as one of the best weekly night parties—Thursday nights at the Elbo Room—to listen to eclectic, soulful, international dance music. Besides the party, Afrolicious is also the name of a band (led by brothers Joe and Oz McGuire) that basically formed on the stage of said party. Recently, after releasing a couple of EPs on ESL, they decided to start their own label to release their debut album and they named it, you guessed it, Afrolicious.

Confusing semantics aside, Afrolicious’ culturally diverse formula always had room for Latin and particularly Afro-Latin music. Among many other recognized Latin artists, the Afro-Peruvian combo Novalima has performed at their parties multiple times. So it’s not surprising that when they decided to put together a collection of remixes from their official debut, they went to Novalima for the first single.

And here you have it, cultural diversity at its best. A Peruvian group remixing a great Afro-funk tune with lyrics by a singer from Trinidad & Tobago. The kind of things that can only take place in a city like San Francisco and at a party like Afrolicious.