Free Download: AJ Dávila & Natalia Clavier’s Collaboration, “A Call”

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A friend and I were discussing the lack of song fade out these days. Tracks today tend to be buttoned up, brought to their ends abruptly without resorting to the once ubiquitous fade out. It even sounds dated when we hear it now (even though some Top 40 hits have been employing them lately for nostalgia). So I was tickled to hear the fade out in AJ Dávila and Natalia Clavier’s recent collaboration, “A Call.”

It makes sense though in this particular case. Dávila and Clavier, in order to find common ground, opted for a ’60s yé-yé sound layered on top of their clashing Spanglish voices. The fade out fits in, which seems in line with the decision to dwell in that decade.

“A Call” was recorded at the Red Bull Studios in LA and produced by Adrian Quesada. Download it here.