Free Download: Alpha Stronggah's Nuestroh EP [CHL]

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Alpha Stronggah has taken a bizarre left turn. On Spiritual Stoner (2012, Discos Pegaos), his first release under this moniker, Chilean producer Baltazar Solaralso known as Tecla de Orogave us a heavy but melodic collage of rap and reggae references, and hip hop, all in his own way. But now he has turned the weirdness up.

Nuestroh is his brand new EP on DJ DeMentira‘s Discos Pegaos. Here, said references are kept, but overall, the composition is a lot more abstract. Solar walks the line between trap and dub(step,) spicing it up a little with some of that strange bass music similar to the one being made nowadays by the Night Slugs and Fade to Mind crews. Just listen to “MDFK” and hear what I mean. Steady beats crash with the collapsing synths and the spooky pitched-down vocal samples, all filtered through an eerie hazy ambiance. You will want to dance to this, but there’s a dark and sinister aspect to it that it will probably make you feel bad about doing it.