FREE DOWNLOAD: Armant's "Mal de Cambio" EP [ARG]

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I can’t help feeling hopelessly old whenever the offsprings of my adolescent idols start forming bands and recording albums. I guess that’s exactly how the previous generation—Luis Alberto Spinetta fans—felt when they first found out about Illya Kuryaki & The Valderramas.

Earlier this year we introduced you to Zero Kill, the new project by Gustavo Cerati’s son, Benito. Well, it’s now time for Soda Stereo’s bass player’s son to strut his stuff. Simón Pedro Bosio plays guitar and sings in this power trio that, unlike Benito’s project, sounds nothing like what his father used to do. While Zeta Bosio went from pop-rock demigod to record label exec to TV host to, more recently, EDM DJ, his son kick-started his career playing loud, distorted guitars in a classic hard rock format.

Mal de Cambio is Armant‘s second official release, a three-song EP they recorded in one studio session and they’re giving it away for free. Now I know what you’re thinking: did Charly Alberti have any children?