Free Download: Bang Data's "Toro Mata"

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“Toro Mata” is one of the most well known folkloric songs of Peru and it has been covered infinite number of times by all sorts of artists, even outside its homeland (Celia Cruz did a great salsa rendition of it).

This time the Afro-Peruvian classic has gotten revamped by Bay Area’s Bang Data (not related to the writer signing this piece, we just have a very common last name), which its drummer Juan Manuel Caipo happens to be Peruvian. This updated version of “Toro Mata” combines the new (rapped lyrics by Deuce Eclipse) and the old (traditional lyrics sung by guest Eva Ayll√≥n) in perfect balance.

Peruvians might be saddened today because they just got kicked out of Copa America in semi-finals (big ups to Uruguay!) but they’ll be soon celebrating Independence Day and what better than this song to get them in the mood.

To download this track, go to Bang Data’s bandcamp page by clicking HERE.