Free Downloads: Bersa Discos, Maneja Beto

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Click on for free downloads this week from DJ Sabo (from Bersa Discos‘ new release), Maneja Beto, Kiko de Gallo, as well as their upcoming projects and tour dates.



Austin, Texas-based
Maneja Beto are influenced by Cafe Tacvba and Santana, but, in our opinion, makes Latin Rock all its own.  With some 80’s keyboard action in there, the band definitely knows what it’s doing.  After a year off the map, with lead singer Alex Chavez taking a hiatus to live in Mexico, the band is back in full force to release a new single every month starting this month with “Ofrendas.”  Chavez, who also plays the guitar, keys and a variety of Mexican instruments, is joined by Patrick Estrada in drums and percussion, Bobby Garza who also sings, plays keyboards and percussion, Alec Padron in bass and Nelson Valente in both the electric and acoustic guitars.

You know those songs you instantly like within just 10 seconds into the song?  This is one of those songs.  You’ll start to get into the music and all of a sudden ask, this song would be even better with some singing in it and BAM!– the singing kicks in.  Neither sappy nor happy-go-lucky, it has just the right amount of everything to get you in a good mood.  If  “Ofrendas” doesn’t make you want to hear more from Maneja Beto, then we don’t know what will!

Upcoming Shows:

They seem to be sticking around in their home state for now but keep checking back for appearances at a city near you!




You may know Sabo through his Sol Selectas label or have seen him at Turntable Lab in New York, where he is best known for his Latin-infused house music.  In the latest Bersa Discos #6 album, Sabo decides to surprise us all and throw in cumbia into the mix.

In “Kuff Kumbia,” you’ll notice a raw quality to Sabo’s work, something that you may or may not like.  Raw underground music is not for everyone, chicos.  Look, no matter how you look at it, no one can deny the catchy tunes and genius mixing of new and old traditional cumbia (like “La Cumbia Cienaguera” for the cumbia junkies out there) by Sabo.  Pero don’t take our word for it, listen to it for yourselves and take a vacation to party paradise!




More free cumbia for you this week! Get ready to have a satisfy your cumbia-disco-funk-salsa cravings.  Miami-based DJ Kiko De Gallo is all about mixing all kinds of beats from all over the world.  Now, don’t be alarmed, he knows how to mix some good oldies and infuse them with catchy new music from new artists you’ve probably never heard of.   In his latest “show”/ mix, Volume 7, we particularly liked the addition of Mojarra Electrica‘s “El Hueco.”  Now, what are you waiting for?  Let Kiko De Gallo serve you a full course meal of get-up-off-your-feet-beats!

Can’t get enough?  Check out his other recorded shows here.