Free Download: Blaya's Superfresh EP + Video [POR/BRA]

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Everything’s comin’ up trap these days. We apparently like our pop music real dark and dirty in 2013. We want it to sound like it could potentially contract something at any moment. But the real question is: does this video by Blaya make me want to hang out in the back of a car with my studded leather jacket and pitbull? Yes. Yes it does. Well played, trap.

Blaya’s style, however, is baile funk-meets-trap with all its bunda-centric images and general swag mindedness, a style that’s all too familiar to her thanks to her Buraka Som Sistema gig. “Superfresh” is the title track off Blaya’s recent EP (Optimus Discos) and features the big bass likes of DJ Comrade, King Kong, Klipar, Bizt, and Zac-Matic. In it you get soft Blaya (sweet on ballads) and hard Blaya (ratchet swag empress).

[insert-video youtube=HUAOdW-y5x8]