Free Download: Bocatabú’s “Vidas Extraviadas” [DR]

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2013 has been a very productive year for the Dominican Republic. You don’t have to dig far back into our archive to find even a handful of stories about musicians and artists from the island. There’s Franny & Zooey, Alex Ferreira, Maria Batlle, and many others. Let’s go ahead and add Bocatabú to that ever-growing list.

Bocatabú is a pop/rock outfit from the capital and they’ve spent much of the past year promoting their latest album, Vidas Extraviadas. The band recently released a new radio edit of the title track/first single, which sounds like a more upbeat version of Vetusta Morla, but with more of a ’90s rock vibe. In other words: it’s good.

Download Bocatabu’s Vidas Extraviadas below: