Free Download: Bondi Blaster ft. Tami "Salchichón Primavera"

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Tami has an oral fixation and an insatiable fetish for sausages, chorizos, you name it. She doesn’t care what you think about her, she just wants some giant salchichón delivered to her door by a naked man. At least that’s what she says (!) on Bondi Blaster‘s debut single — available today on itunes and all other digital music vendors.

Bondi Blaster is no other than yours truly Juan Data who besides being a journalist with loose ethics who dares to write reviews about himself, makes some ñu-cumbias here and there with friends and casual collaborators. Collaborators like LA-based Argentine diva Tami, who wrote the lyrics for this song on the spot, right before recording it, after we suggested the title as a joke.

“Salchichón Primavera” (available for FREE download for a limited time only on Remezcla) is just one song amongst many others recorded by the Stronghold Sound‘s artists and friends for this compilation titled The Audio Refuge that includes music from all over the world (rappers Ephniko from Colombia and Nes from Mexico also dropped some verses) who converge in San Francisco’s Bay Area. The digital version of the album includes a bonus track by underground hip-hop legend Gift of Gab from the group Blackalicious.

Salchichón Primavera – Bondi Blaster feat. Tami by DJ Juan Data