Free Download: Bosq's Whiskey Barons' "La Lupita" (Nico Gómez/Pérez Prado Cover) [USA]

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Whiskey Barons is a Boston-based production duo mainly known among DJs for reworking old-school dance-floor classics by reinforcing their drum beats, thus enhancing their inner funkiness. One half of this duo, known as Bosq, recently released his debut album, but instead of reworking other artists he performs all original material.

Out now on Ubiquity Records, Bosq y Orquesta De Madera includes many Latin-flavored bangers and it’s available on high-quality double vinyl LP. Satisfaction guaranteed for anybody who digs stuff like Quantic, Nickodemus, or the Greenwood Rhythm Coalition.

To celebrate the release of this album, Bosq is giving away via soundcloud one of his epic, previously unreleased reworks. “La Lupita” in its original version was a funky cover of a Perez Prado classic mambo by the Holland-born Nico Gómez, released in 1971. In the hands of Bosq it becomes even funkier with the addition of extended breakbeats that will make any dance floor explode. ¿Qué no?