Free Download: BossaCucaNova's "Balança" [BRA]

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Remember the early 2000s? People all over the world were rediscovering bossa nova thanks in part to DJs and producers who started sampling it and mixing it with break-beats. It was the exotic flavor du jour in the eclectic lounge rooms and chill-out DJ sets.

Amid the avalanche of Bebel Gilberto clones of the day, there was one group that stood out: BossaCucaNova, a trio of DJ-minded Brazilian producers that recorded a landmark debut album in collaboration with bossa pioneer, Roberto Menescal (his son Mauricio is the bassist and founding member of the trio).

Fifteen years had passed since BossaCucaNova first took form in a studio and started juxtaposing samba jazz melodies over drum-n-bass beats. The fad came and went and most DJs who flirted with the genre in its time, moved onto other styles, but BossaCucaNova remained true to its original concept and kept exploring it, stretching its boundaries and redefining it.

Balança” is the first single from their upcoming fourth album, Our Kind Of Bossa, to be released worldwide on February 18th. If you were looking for a non-cheesy, alternative soundtrack to this year’s World Cup, look no further.