Free Download: Bostich + Fussible’s “Loud” ft. Quiero Club's Marcela Viejo [MEX]

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Nortec Collective’s Bostich + Fussible have been at the cutting edge of technology and electronic music, mixing everything from techno to house and electro with diverse northern Mexican genres, making them responsible-–along with the rest of the DJs in the collective—for the creation of the much referenced “Tijuana sound.” But they had yet to try their hand at crowdsourcing. Now, I’m not talking about raising money for anything; they (like Calle 13 and Julian Assange) actually managed to crowdsource inspiration from their fans to craft “Loud,” a new single with Quiero Club’s Marcela Viejo on vocals.

For fans in Mexico, the concept was pretty simple: upload your photos to the Web site, which hosted a program that created beats from the resulting files. So, they basically created a song with beats crafted by the contours of your face! This resulted in the ingenious and sexy dance track “Loud,” featuring some dope, electro synth lines and a bass line with enough punch to give you goosebumps. Marcela Viejo’s sultry whisper of a voice only helps their cause, almost veering the song toward Soft Cell-meets-Goldfrapp territory. Considering that the track was constructed over a collectively created (and user generated, if you must) beat, it’s amazing how Bostich + Fussible managed to manipulate the synths, loops, and glitches into a pop gem that sounds as personal and passionate as it does.

Thousands of people helped create the track, so it’s also an exercise in collective creation and direct fan interaction, something electronic musicians like Richie Hawtin have tried at various levels of complexity with different results. It’s a look into the future and hopefully we’ll get to hear results as incredible and catchy as “Loud.”

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