Free Download: Bostich's "Tijuana Bass" extended by Fussible (Nortec Collective)

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No other place amalgamates their own city soundtrack as Nortec Collective does. Emerging at the start of the millenium, the collective from Tijuana did not only invent the musical fusion that describe the noise of one of the most perplexed and misunderstood cities in the world, but their sound continues to inspire generations of new border fusion like today’s Ruidoson.

Originally composed of graphic designers, musicians, visual artists, etc., the collective rose at an appropriate time when rock music in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands had begun to stagnate and electronic music started to fuel the globe. They artistically revamped Tijuana’s image in many ways with their musical presentations. Armed with visuals and graphics of bud-smoking cowboy guys with guns and other images, they ironically pointed out to some of the most stereotyped images of “the city of sin” in a humorous and sarcastic manner giving the city an alternate and unique image.

Nortec’s first two albums, The Tijuana Sessions Vol. 1 & 2, were released as a collective, but in the last few years some of the members have branched out to perform as Nortec Collective Presents: Bostich and Fussible.Tijuana Bass” originally came out in Nortec’s 2005 sophomore album, written by Bostich, and is now extended by Fussible. Twice the amusement, the instrumental track lapses into a frolic post-party experience of mid-tempo, heavy bass, and dance trance that depicts a sonic atmosphere that hubs well outside Tijuana’s borders. Just don’t hyperventilate near the end!

Tijuana Bass Extended Version by Bostich (Nortec Collective) by pepemogt