Free Download: Brite Aid – Sour EP (of MALIGNA/Negative † Youth)

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The latest video by Napoli/Berlin via Houston’s misfit Brite Aid is an impressively subdued visual trip. Released yesterday from our favorite D.F. witch house ambients MALIGNA, the Sour EP is a rolling nightmare of severed feet and floating bodies. Just as visceral and ethereal as the music, the video for “Escape Ring” views like an art school student’s video performance, capturing strange lights falling through the sky, motor bike races, and jarring encounters with the authorities. The music maniacally fits the ominous clip’s sharp cuts and deadpan soundscape. Around the three minute mark on the track, the mood shifts from an eerie droll to a hard bass blur. It’s so good it might drive you to madness.

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[insert-video vimeo=57134507]