Free Download: Brunetto’s “Evergreen” [ESP]

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Bruno Garca is kind of a Sevillian jack of all trades in the music biz. You may or may not know him as the press wizard behind the Spanish labels Irregular-–home to Lasers and the amazing Boreals—and Freelastica, home to Des Ames Libres. But he’s also an accomplished musician, having taken a personally imposed break since his last endeavor, 2008’s well received B+ under his moniker Brunetto. Now, after years of representing other great artists, he’s back in 2014 with the full-length Sheroine. As a preview of what we’re in for, he released the first single “Evergreen” as a free download.

Evergreen” is a strange track, an electro pop/dark wave effort that manages to keep you on your toes while still treading familiar territory. The song is introduced by an ambient loop reminiscent of Boards of Canada’s style of production, with synth lines that get slower and darker as the track progresses. The vocals, sung by I AM DIVE’s Esteban Ruiz, complement the severity and solemnity of “Evergreen,” with lyrics about regret and the loss of control. Ruiz’s voice has the same timbre as that of Dave Gahan, pushing the track closer to Depeche Mode territory at times. Yet, two minutes in, Brunetto switches to a faster, more urgent tempo with synth lines that will rattle you.

It almost seems like “Evergreen” is an ironic title. I’m curious as to the motives behind it. That said, it’s a hypnotizing piece of work, probably meant to be enjoyed in the dark. It’s yours to play and replay as a free download on Brunetto’s SoundCloud.