Free Download: Brunetto’s “Kidult” ft. Fede Weiss [ESP]

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It looks like there’s at least one musician in Spain not walking down the roads of either shoegaze nostalgia or the new wave of indie rock. Brunetto instead stacks programs on top of synths and keyboards for his fourth album, Sheroine, moving through 10 tracks for a smattering of UK hard hop, break beats, pop, and more.

The album is his first work in six years thanks to a self-imposed break to focus on work as a collaborator, writer, and press agent. His first single since then, the early-industrial/new disco-sounding “Kidult” shows that those six years didn’t put a dent in his musical skills. It’s also a perfect fit for guest vocalist Fede Weiss, formerly of rock/electro-pop group Anika Sade.