Free Download: Bruno Dario Enfermedad Compartida / Locura de Verano

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Teenage experimental songwriter, Bruno Dario has released his new EP, Enfermedad Compartida / Locura de Verano (Vale Vergas Discos). Dario was adopted by Buenos Aires scene kings and queens, Mujercita Terror and Mueran Humanos after playing several shows with the bands in his hometown of Mexico City. With their encouragement, Dario relocated to Argentina and received a record deal and new levels are artistic freedom and support.

His three track EP contains a mastered version Dario’s cult hit, Un Accidente and two new songs, El Olvido and Saico. Enfermedad Compartida / Locura de Verano is powerfully experimental and full of post punk vigor. Dario sings in English on the EP’s final track Saico (pronounced psycho), which is a loose and modern experimental interpretation of the American 60’s hit, “Psycho by The Sonics.”

Dario is a talented and creative young musician. His post-adolescent, girl-centric songs are as fiercely romantic and emotional as they are disturbing, and they are replete with artistically sensuous noise.

You can download Enfermedad Compartida / Locura de Verano for free at Vale Vergas