Free Download: C.Tangana’s “Bésame Mucho” [ESP]

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C.Tangana, from the Madrid crew Agorazein, has been cultivating a big following in and out of Spain for a while. Since 2011, the rapper has been making waves with songs like “Cakes,” mixing East- and West-Coast-influenced bass lines and beats. It’s no wonder he’s stayed around this long, his grooves are replete with smooth and sexy touches. Basically, C.Tangana’s new song “Bésame Mucho,” off the album Loves, is an ultimate panty dropper.

Tangana says that most of the lyrics on the album are based on the ambivalent relationships between love, money, ambition, devotion, and material worth. It’s all very Gatsby of him, but these are fitting themes for the times. “Bésame Mucho” is no exception. The song, as worded in madrileño slang, has him pondering about loneliness and deceit, while asking an unmentioned lady love to “dame lo que pido.” Oh, romance. Also, check out the smooth piano bar finish on the song. Now that’s class.

The video is quite well done and it definitely makes me want to sail with him on the Mediterranean. But even considering the anti-materialistic subject matter of “Bésame Mucho,” it’s hard to feel too sorry for the guy in this video.

If you like what you see/hear, you can download C.Tangana’s “Bésame Mucho” below. Get ready for the sexy, people.

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