Free Download: Calle 13 x Julian Assange Collaboration "Multi_Viral" Is Finally Here

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We’ve been teasing you since the summer, and now it’s finally here – Calle 13‘s collaboration with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange – a track called “Multi_Viral” dropped today. Having begun their recording session in August 2013, Calle 13 frontman Residente and Assange made their presence known to the Twittersphere and soon had fans and followers giving their two cents regarding NSA spying, media manipulation and the public’s varying feelings of betrayal by the hierarchy.

[insert-video youtube=ooDf1hCJZOc]

“Multi_Viral” has Residente spitting lyrics with a sense of desperation, delivering us rhymes like “nos infiltramos/ nos duplicamos/ como las celulas/ nos duplicamos” while giving shout-outs to modern day revolutionaries like activist groups Mexico 132, Spain’s 15-M and even graffiti artists. Assange gets his moment in the breakdown:

“We live in the world that your propaganda made
Where you think you are strong you are weak
Your lies tell us the truths we will use against you
Your secrecy shows us where we will strike your weapons
Reveal your fears for all to see from Cairo to Quito,
The power of people armed with the truth”

Not a beat goes by before Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine shreds a guitar solo to pieces, giving the track a sense of urgency. Palestinian artist Kamilya Jurban provides hauntingly beautiful vocals throughout, providing a touch of the human condition. With this powerful team of talented musicians and activists, the use of social media and music to raise consciousness of our world’s current affairs is fierce. Listen/Download the track below.