Free Download: Caloncho's "Palmar" [MEX]

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There are tons of summer anthems meant for partying, drinking, converting spring break into summer break, etc. But there are also plenty of anthems for summertime chilling. Caloncho’s “Palmar” falls into the latter camp.

Caloncho is an acoustic artist from Guadalajara (land that I love!), who has a batch of tropical-folk songs out soon via his Fruta EP, produced by Grammy nominee Siddhartha Bubler.

The first single off the album is “Palmar,” a mellow, beach-friendly tune. In it, Caloncho paints a beautiful picture of his perfect beach in order to convince his lover to “echarnos al sol y nunca regresar a la ciudad.” Can I be the third wheel?! It’s cool, I’ll bring a book to read.