Free Download: Cancioneira’s Mar Muerto EP [VEN]

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Cancioneira-–the newest addition to the already great Entorno Doméstico roster—is the artistic name of Linda Sjöquist, a Venezuelan singer/songwriter whose deeply personal lyrics and ethereal voice give her music a nostalgic, weighty quality. Her newest material, Mar Muerto, is available as a free, four-song EP on Entorno Doméstico, or as a full nine-track album for purchase on her bandcamp. Whichever version you decide to listen to, you’ll get Cancioneira in all of her experimental, acoustic integrity: sometimes off key, but always charming and melodious.

Both the album and the EP begin with “Labios Motores,” a track that prominently features the sounds of the ocean overshadowed by an acoustic guitar and Sjöquist singing nostalgically about the loss of love. Cancioneira’s tracks mostly go along that line, mixing experimental ambient sounds with beautiful acoustic melodies, chant-like choruses in the background and Sjöquist’s lullaby-like voice. One of the best songs is “Soy las seis (Diosque),” featured on both versions of Mar Muerto. The song clocks in at 3:42, but it sounds like it goes on forever as she has these rare moments of almost silence that are equally haunting and soothing.