Free Download: Cave Days' "Closer," "Unconditional" & "Kodachome Beach"

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Hailing from Long Island, the Spanish/Irish blooded singer-guitarist Jonathan Murphy is an element of today’s Bushwick’s booming indie music scene. His eclectic band Cave Days began as a duo with Jonathan on voice/guitar and Erik Leubs on synth (who also plays as Magical Mistakes) last year, and dropped the self-titled EP this Februrary, 2011.

Notable for their distorted-riffs, reverb-laiden, and dreamy-harmonic sound, the now-trio Cave Days bring us three jangly-synth tracks to stream and download for free: “Closer,” “Unconditional,” and “Kodachome Beach;” the first screaming a loud “Fuck!” Yet this actually may be too symbolical or autobiographical. Jonathan writes about love, the loss of and the struggle to recover it and grow from it.

Cave Days was inspired by Murphy’s ex-wife, who you see in the album artwork en-route to their wedding ceremony, which didn’t end as a happily ever after. Hence Jonathan was placed in the figurative “cave,” where he then created this EP. When I asked him now how he envisioned his music, Murphy said, “I like to imagine myself on the beach without my glasses and just hear the sounds but with blurry vision — waves crashing, seagulls flying, people playing and having fun.”

The band collaborate under the indie label The Process Records which features thriving and emerging Bushwick bands. Cave Days also claim influences of Sonic Youth, The Horrors, Wild Nothing, and Explosions in the Sky of which also has hints of in the tracks. Listen and download.

Free Downloads from Cave Days EP by Cave Days