Free Download: Celesta en la Cesta's Celesta en la Cuesta EP [MEX]

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Because it’s summer we tend to covet all the fist-pump-inducing jams and back-breaking club bangers. But once in a while, I just don’t want to dance. I don’t want to grind or shimmy any shoulders or pon any floors. Sometimes, I don’t want to move, at all. Sorry, world. But that’s just how it is. To accompany me in my sedentary mood is Celesta en la Cesta, a.k.a. Laiza Onofre, one-fifth of Monterrey’s Uvilov. Her newest EP, the not-quite-self-titled Celesta en la Cuesta, contains six tracks that just do what they do. They barely move, they barely rise, they just are. They feel. “La Verdad” and “Bon Voyage” shine the brightest out of all of these, and Onofre’s cover of Warpaint’s “Baby” sounds better than the comatose original. Name your own price to own this oh-so-lovely EP.