Free Download: Chingo Bling's "Clap" (Sonora Remix) [MEX]

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With this one, we, army of alienated people, are invited to “clap clap clap” to the eight o eight-y beat of the times, with intentionally less musical substance and the necessary dose of irony. Fun! Both the remake and the original, by Houston’s “awesome artist and funny mexican rapper,” as the hip-hop buffoon Chingo Bling describes himself, chronicle today’s decadent club culture (the usual party full of bouncin’ “bitches” and fireworked champagne). The only difference with Sonora’s take, which dips the original into a slow-mo post-housy atmosphere, is that, perhaps, it decided to bully those pretending to escape from the trap of American pop culture by electing to indulge in white minimal dick instead of the usual big and black one. And here they are, caught in front of an MP3 DJ. Clapping their hands.

So if money makes you come, clap it up!