Free Download: Cineplexx’s Magenta LP [ARG]

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Covering songs is a tricky business, especially for anyone hoping to build a career around it without falling prey to bar scene purgatory. Few artists have done it, but those who have achieve fame for some very creative covers. Novelle Vague, for instance, have their finger on the “we-can-turn-any-song-into-a-sexy-French-classic” pulse.

Cineplexx, a.k.a. Sebastián Litmanovich, doesn’t re-imagine tunes in a sexy, French way. Instead, he turns some of his favorites into catchy shoegaze/post-punk, dreamy pop jams. The Argentine cover maestro recently unleashed a new set of jangly guitar covers that include songs from The Kinks, Stereolab, Broadcast, The Velvet Underground, and many others. The kind soul is giving it away as a free download, too.