Free Download: Cineplexx's Perfume Remixed [VARIOUS]

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We’ve shared our love for the work of Argentinian artist Cineplexx, a.k.a. Sebastian Litmanovich, here before and, as much as I enjoy the role of local gadfly, I’m not going to go against the grain here, especially considering how solid the EP is.

Perfume Remixed features five remixes courtesy of Violeta Vil, Montag, Roger Delahaye, and Germany’s Freddy Knop and Wechsel Garland. The five artists transform Cineplexx’s psychedelic, ’60s summer-of-love soundtrack into, as expected, a chillwave-gone-electro-pop. “Estaciones” and “Bicho Palo” are practically unrecognizable in their new forms as synthpop dance party in the former and a “Kraftwerk gets lost in the amazon rainforest” tale in the latter. And is that Kali Mutsa doing the vocals on “Este Final?” Sweet!

Download it for FREE at Cineplexx’s bandcamp page.