Free Download: Cineplexx Singles

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Sebastián Litmanovich, better known as Cineplexx, has already been featured a couple of times on Remezcla in the past, but for those of you who are not familiar with him yet, he’s an Argentinian living in London who makes some dreamy feel-good indie-pop with tropicalia influences. Oh, and he’s friends and frequent collaborator with fellow Argie expat, Federico Aubele.

With no particular title, this promotional FREE digital release compiles a handful of Cineplexx’s latest singles and their remixes. Includes the gorgeous “Mejor (Copacabana mix)” which we included as our favorite download of 2009; now you can also get the original version from his Nuevahola album (out on Cherry Red Records). The release does not clarify who did the remixes, so we’ll assume that they were done by Sebastián himself, especially since he spells the word remix with two x’s.

Cineplexx Singles