Free Download: Cldscp's "Puedo"

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The Argentina-based no-vowel duo Cldscp (pronounced kaleidoscope) creates a perfect blend of indie rock, intermixing the electro with acoustic rock soundscapes that inspires a romantic groove that just doesn’t quit. Leopoldo De Sarro and Andrés Andiñach make up the talented duo who hail from Buenos Aires.

Get to know their creative and kitschy lo fi tone by listening to their 2010 releases Menso Freakfolk and My Last Field, released in Poland. Cldscp’s latest 2011 Niños Azules has been released digitally and on cassette tape, skipping that played-out CD version, earning the charming duo international acclaim.

Interweaving US and Euro indie genres like freak folk and trip hop, Cldscp’s newest single “Puedo” from their latest introduces a more minimal and experimental sound from their previous works. Enjoy the electronic and digital mix of folk-inspired ballads that are simply breathtaking.

Cldscp’s “Puedo”