Free Download: Cocobass' Collected Poems [MEX/VEN]

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Those who are always up to date with the avant-garde of the global electropical scene and read all the mandatory blogs are very familiar with Cocobass, the netlabel run by Mexican producer Tony Gallardo (a.k.a. María & José), along with two Venezuelans (Eduardo Luis & Daniel García).

For the rest of us ordinary mortals, a lot of this music is still uncharted territory and as such, it can sometimes be a bit intimidating.

With that in mind, Cocobass put together this comprehensive compilation of their catalog, with all the must-haves, some rarities, and a few never-before-released tracks. I know, 25 tracks can be overwhelming for the uninitiated, but you don’t have to listen to the whole thing at once. Just download it (it’s free!) and save it for the next time you want to impress your cool friends at a house party where you’re in charge of the music.