Free Download: Cohoba's Chromatism EP [R.D.]

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The day has come for Cohoba to release his Chromatism EP. If you’re unfamiliar with Cohoba, you must be new to Remezcla, because we’ve been covering his releases, building up to the EP’s official release. The last track, “Flames,” is the only previously unreleased material; a thumping, synth, and trap beat with some late ’80s/early ’90s computer sounds I can’t quite put my finger on yet. A short-and-sweet EP, my favorite track is “Wings,” with its ‘riding-around-L.A.-just-vibin’ vibe.

We’re pulling for Jorge. He has a bunch of different projects happening and shows no sign of stopping. He’s already giving us a free download. The least you could do is show some love and shout him out on your socials. Don’t be THAT person that selfishly listens to good music without telling anyone and then drops the “ACTUALLY, I listened to them before they were big.” Not k00L.