Free Download: Cohoba’s “I Just”

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Jorge Read is a 2010 Red Bull Music Academy graduate who solos under the name of Cohoba. His new EP, Chromatism, is due out this spring on his own label, Stereoptico. “Know 1” was our first taste of what the EP is going to be, and now RBMA has shared a second one called “I Just.”

Two elements come together to make “I Just” such a great song, the first being that Cohoba manages to make a complex track with simple tools. We only hear two powerful bass notes, but percussive, industrial, and vocal elements are layered on top of them. The second is that he somehow created something special out of a Beyoncé sample. And that, at least for me, isn’t an easy task.

For now we can say Cohoba’s two for two. Let’s wait for the other two tracks to complete the four-piece Chromatism EP that, so far, is looking good.