Video: Colectivo Oruga’s “Explotad Sin Mí” [ESP]

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Another day, another group from Spain acting all ’80s-like. This time, we have Colectivo Oruga from Galicia and Asturias.

Explotad Sin Mí” comes off their second album, Paraíso Caníbal, available as a name-your-price download on bandcamp. It’s eight tracks of pop tunes that jump from one variation of pop music to the next: rock, dance, industrial, bits of funk, etc. “Explotad”’s new waveness falls in with the current crop of Spanish artists we’ve been writing about.

The video plays like someone’s VHS tape got stuck in the VCR on a hot day for too long. That makes me wonder how many of our readers have even seen a VHS tape or working VCR (pulgares arriba, por fa!).

[insert-video youtube=5DHJrEbI6zY]