Free Download: Control Machete's "Comprendes Mendez" (Fake Moustache & Lazer Wolff Moombah Remix)

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It might be hard for the youngest of you to imagine, but there was a time when rap in Spanish was not at all commonly accepted. It existed in an underground level in most big cities throughout Latin America but it rarely crossed over successfully to the mass media.

Control Machete‘s 1997 smash hit “Comprendes Méndez” was that song that changed that forever, being the first rap in Spanish to get high rotation on Latin MTV. So, for many fans, this joint holds a particularly prominent position in the genre’s history.

That’s why it’s always exciting to see new remixes of the classic, giving it new life and making it compatible with today’s dancefloor demands. Fake Moustache and Lazer Wolff, from Mexico, DF, and El Paso, TX, respectively, worked together in this magnificent moombahton take of the rap anthem, which apparently will be released as part of a Mal Dicen/Latino Resiste compilation, hopefully soon. ¿Comprendes?