Free Download: Copia Doble Systema's "One Day, Revolution"

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We all knew one day the ñu-cumbia revolution would reach the old world, but we’ve never expected it’d hit as hard as it did in random places like Denmark, where these leaders of what’s being called “Viking Cumbia” (no kidding, that’s actually how they call it!) are from.

Copia Doble Systema have actually been around for quite a while, they are definitely not band-wagon riders who just got into cumbia last month. Revolution is the title of their recently released second EP on Urban World Records. It has six tracks total, including a remix by ñu-cumbia’s pioneer Toy Selectah of an original song where they sing cumbia in Danish. How cute is that?

This one here is the title track of said EP and it’s the most laid back dubby track of the album. The good guys at Urban World are giving it away for free, exclusively for Remezcla followers, for limited time only, so hurry up and download before it’s too late. If you want more, you can always purchase the full release here.

Click on the image below to get your free download!