Free Download: d3NdRoN's "My Drug Buddy" (The Lemonheads Cover) [MEX]

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We’ve heard some covers here and there recently, so let’s throw another one into the mix. d3NdRoN, the Monterrey electro-pop-rock outfit, just uploaded their 21st century take of the 20th century college rock staple, The Lemonheads’ “My Drug Buddy.” By synthesizing the sound and uttering the lyrics more anthemically than Evan Dando’s laid-back, coffee-shop shtick, the band has forged a new context for the song. “My Drug Buddy” will always remain deeply entrenched in the ‘90s universe of flannel and irony, but d3NdRoN updated it in a way that keeps surprising you. It’s not enough to make something synthy and call it a postmodern cover, and d3NdRoN seems to know that.

Download the song below and watch the original Lemonheads video for a dose of serious ‘90s hair.

[insert-video youtube=DCOKAYIBmng]