Free Download: Da Cruz’s "Boom Boom Boom"

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With a song title like “Boom Boom Boom” you know exactly what to expect, right? Explosive dance floor madness. The track delivers exactly that: an irresistible bouncing beat and energetic vocals that reference directly to Rio de Janeiro’s baile funk.

All the way from Switzerland, Da Cruz is the combination of a Brazilian singer, neĆ© Mariana Da Cruz, with a background in bossa nova and fado, and a Swiss electronica producer, Ane H. “Boom Boom Boom” is the first single of their upcoming album Sistema Subversiva (out June 28th on Six Degrees Records) and is the most explicitly dance floor-oriented track on that album, thanks to Mariana’s pseudo-rapping vocal style. The rest, however, is more of a combination of her mellow more melodic singing with great, equally hard-hitting beats.

Expect an avalanche of remixes of this track — I know plenty of producers who are dying to get their hands on it.

Da Cruz: “Boom Boom Boom”