Free Download: Damasco’s Canciones Compilation

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It wouldn’t be fair to say that Argentina’s Damasco is only a record label. It’s definitely more than that. It’s a collective of musicians, artists, and sound experts that are not only concerned with creating new and innovative music, but also helping develop the growing musical scene in Argentina and the rest of Latin America. They’ve been around for a few months now, and to make things official they’re throwing a party that will open the Damasco Nights series. So, those of you lucky enough to be in or near Buenos Aires will be able to enjoy this record label’s best music at their launch party on April 15th.

Canciones shows us the eclectic music range Damasco harbors. Throughout this compilation we’re able to hear from indie and indie pop to a little bit of Latino pop, not without skipping some electronic music, rock, and the nowadays always-present folky sound. Both English and Spanish lyrics are present in the 16 songs that form this compilation. Also, armed with a charango, a good and interesting cover of Cerati’s “Puente” can be found in the middle of Canciones. There are indeed a couple of pleasant surprises.

But let’s throw some names here. Full Chamba, Hippidons, Dedes, and Juan Manuel López Manfré are the ones playing next Thursday at the Club Cultural Matienzo (this is the venue where everything’s happening). And yes, they could be the most pop and indie sounds in the label, but DJ Alonso Morning will join them by adding the electronic spark to the show. Actually, there’s also an Alonso track on the compilation that adds the electronic character to it.