Free Download: Dani Umpi Again Proves He's Deserving Of A Global Cult Following On Piano Vol. II EP [URU]

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Uruguay’s Dani Umpi recorded another acoustic session with pianist Álvaro Sánchez, and just like the first volume in this series, it’s offered as a free download on his Bandcamp page. There are some of his own compositions and, as expected, some covers too, including one of Chile’s Dënver and another one of Spain’s Fangoria (unfortunately no piano version of his ultra-bizarre hit “Sambayón,” though).

It’s been established already, this guy is a freaking genius. Not only he writes clever lyrics, does impressive visual design, publishes novels (his latest one, Un Poquito Tarada, is getting great reviews, and with a title like that, who doesn’t wanna read it?), but he can also sing. Honestly, I failed to notice how good a singer he was because I’m usually distracted by all the kitsch paraphernalia that surrounds him, but when accompanied only by a piano, his remarkable vocal range really steals the show. I can’t figure out why Dani isn’t getting more attention outside of the South American queer pop scene– he seriously deserves a global cult following.