Free Download: Denver's Remixes de Campo [Global]

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Dënver dropped a free bomb on us today, releasing a five-remix compilation of last year’s Fuera de Campo that will cost you nothing and give you everything.

Motivado’s take sets off on a house/ambient path with “Concentración de Campo,” while Waka Waka Titanium turns up the cumbia and slows things down during the album’s star single, “Revista de Gimnasia.” AJ Dávila makes “Medio Loca” into something you could imagine AJ Dávila recording himself down the line: a contemplative, expansive version of his bratty energy; an angstier spirit that makes it my favorite in the bunch because it drastically alters the makeup of the original. Wash that big pill down with another stroll down “Revista de Gimnasia,” courtesy of remixers of choice, Roman & Castro. And then gracefully exit with Rammsy’s funk tribute to “Tu Peor Rival.”

You can’t go wrong here. Every version is its own world, its own autonomous response to one of the best albums of 2013. Download it for free below.