Listen: Dënver's "Nuevas Sensaciones" (Los Planetas Cover) [CHL]

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I feel like every other week I’m writing something new about Dënver. Stop being so damn prolific, you two! Or don’t, actually. You’re great. Keep doing what you do. This week in Dënver news we have a solid cover of the seminal Spanish band, Los Planetas. Their rendition of “Nuevas Sensaciones,” from the band’s 1995 EP of the same title, transforms the fuzzy alt anthem into a subdued, calmly cradled, late-night whisper.

Mariana Montenegro’s voice has never sounded more sensual, while the music explores varying layers of percussion, some thick and heavy, others airy and sweet. All in all, it’s the stuff covers should be made of.

And, since we’re in the business of covers, it only seems fair to hear someone cover Dënver. So check out Matilda Manzana covering our 2010 Best Track winner, “Lo Que Quieras,” below, from his Domingos de Baja Calidad project.

UPDATE: It felt too good to be true. The track is now stream only, no mo’ free downloads.

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