Free Download: Diana Gameros' "Para Papá" [USA]

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“Take me to the land where I was born,” sings Diana Gameros, to her papá in this gorgeous song off her recently self-released debut album.

The land where she was born is Mexico, more precisely Ciudad Juárez, and she hasn’t been able to go back and reunite with her father for many years—a story that’s all too familiar for many immigrants living on this side of the border.

Immigrant nostalgia is, in fact, the prism that filters pretty much all the songs in her album, Eterno Retorno. It includes 11 original compositions, some of them in English, some in Spanish, and one in French. All of them delicately produced and delightfully arranged.

Para Papá” is definitely one of my favorite songs of hers and it’s probably the main reason she’s been compared with Canadian songstress Feist. Here, for a limited time, you can download it for free, but make sure you check out her album too.