Free Download: Dick El Demasiado's Lunatic Noise Cumbia On Bombas Lacrimógenas EP [GLOBAL]

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Twitter: @Kiddieriot

They call him “The Great Wakeup Cock of Lunatic Cumbia” (or was it “Rooster”?) but Bombas Lacrimógenas disproves this; the EP is a fine expression in Latin rhythm, but to limit the artist’s vision of what that means exactly is preposterous. Dick El Demasiado does this without the burden of any kind of genre labels.

In reality, El Demasiado is the alter ego of Dick Verdult, a Dutch artist who has dabbled in all sorts of artistic expressions. He was born in Holland, and thereafter his family shortly after moved to Guatemala, and some years later moved again, this time to Argentina. All his life experience has made him a transgressive artist with a smile, carefully mastering a method to his madness and then letting it loose in a very entertaining way, as anyone who has witnessed him live can preach.

This EP features three instrumental tracks painted in glitchy abandon and brimming with personality; a remarkable feat since since it’s all electronic. Track one features hard percussion and zany melodies that recall a fleet of out-of-tune ice cream trucks. The second song is even goofier and groovier with buzzing synths in the background and washes of noise punctuated by some trashcan-like strikes. The last one is more digital but no less quirky, inviting you to headbob along.

Download the EP for free and rejoice with Dick El Demasiado, a character whose whole life is a joyous performance.