Free Download: Diego Mena's “Intolerante” [R.D]

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Twitter: Marcos Hassan

Dominican synth-pop rocker Diego Mena has given us a taste of his new album, Cadáveres en el closet, in the form of first single “Intolerante.” Chock full of vintage synths, funky guitars, catchy melodies, and effects reminiscent of late-’90s raves, its galactic nostalgic feeling and heart-on-sleeve vocals will have Zoé fans hitting the repeat button, not to mention Diego loyalists who are surely excited about this news.

Cadáveres en el closet was recorded at Menasubmarine Studio, which is Diego’s own studio, and Viuda Negra. The seven songs that form the album were produced by Noel Lamarche, J.V. Oliver, and Mena himself. Expect the record to be available in digital form in the next couple of days and look out for the limited-edition vinyl version that will hit stores this summer.

To help promote the album, Diego has teamed up with director Erwin Jiménez (who previously helmed the video for “Memorable”) to make a film for cinematic release. The audiovisual document will feature a documentary and live session footage of the songs on Cadáveres en el closet.