FREE DOWNLOAD: Dios Mio's Debut EP Wants to Make You Sweat [USA]

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It’s almost a written law: big cities like New York tend to draw foreigners from all corners of the world. Dios Mio unites Colombian and Nicaraguan blood in one musical melting pot, here in this city full of steel skyscrapers. Their first 4-track eponymous EP arrays big waves of R&B roots with soft electronic diversity and a tender flow like a low tide that appears just before sunset.

The voice of Stefa Alarcon (Remezcla’s own!) punctures and stimulates the ears in a very particular way: you rock your way through the music as if you were stretched out in a hammock, drinking Hendrick’s gin. Tracks like “The Wind Beneath” and “The Odyssey” have the sonic appeal of His Name is Alive on their Stars On ESP and Livonia albums, but on vocals lies the spirit and timbre of latin divas like Selena or Olga Tañón. When “Make U Sweat” arrives, the skills of Abraham Cavin Quezada on production give the song an eighties feeling; even the inexperienced listener could name it a “Future Bass” track (in the span of seven minutes, we hear the sharp influence of Chaka Khan, Bananarama, Cathy Dennis and Pia Zadora) but the song is actually a combo of ambient house with R&B fireworks.

Next time you press the play button to hear Dios Mio, we suggest you to keep calm and chive on. Stefa Alarcon and Abraham Cavin Quezada just began with the right foot.