Free Download: Discoteca Volumen 2 Record Store Day Mix 2013

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Record Store Day, also known as Remezcla’s favorite unofficial national pseudo-holiday, has come and gone and, sadly enough, so has all our rent money. At least we have new tunes as well as delicious vinyl records to listen to. Our thirst for new music, however, is always unsatisfied no matter how deep or empty our pockets are. Thankfully, Discoteca has our back with its Record Store Day Mix!

The heads at Discoteca released a lengthy, nearly two-hour long mixtape for free download this past weekend to celebrate Record Store Day that covers songs in just about every genre (the sounds of whales mating not included). There’s some hip-hop (Simpson), indie (Moody, Maria y Jose, Piyama Party), digital cumbia (Malefics), rock (Caelaluz), solo projects (Priscila Gzz a.k.a. Priscila Gonzalez of Quiero Club), and dance/electronic (W.O.L.F., Andre VII, Max Jones)

Make some time to listen to the mixtape below. Better yet, download it. It’s free (unlike that limited-edition Nick Cave 7”)!