Free Download: DJ Alan Rosales' "Danza del Sol" ft. Los Master Plus [MEX]

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Marcos Hassan. @Kiddieriot

The ominous, gravel voice that sparks the hook of this joint makes it seem a little like a serious matter, but “Danza del sol” is a pointy-boot party all the way through.

The track is the lead off single of a new EP by tribal producer Alan Rosales that will be released thanks to the Bass Rats collective, an association dedicated to the art of global bass. The full EP will be available in the near future.

Two titans of tribal come together to remind you that the form is alive and well. The song boasts a quebradita beat, walking bass lines, and tons of digital effects to make you want to grab your lady or man and do your thing on the dance floor. Lyrically, the song is an ode to the sun, an all-night party ritual in its honor.

Here, Los Master Plus get away from the covers that made them an essential part of the touring circuit. The Guadalajara duo have become nascent icons of their genre. DJ Alan Rosales is an up-and-coming exponent of tribal who is part of Sonido Marshall and has already made waves with his originals and remixes. It’s a match made in bailongo.