Free Download: DJ Dacel ft. Zonora Point's "ZKTE esa bless"

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We have already introduced DJ Dacel to you as Ana Tijoux‘s official turntablist. Earlier this year, however, he dropped his debut album as a solo artist, a collaborative project where he produced all the beats (with samples taken exclusively from vinyl records) and then invited several underground local rappers to lay down the vocals.

This song is the second single cut from that album “Sol de Octubre” which unfortunately is only available in Chile. But the good fellas at Potoco Records recently liberated the track for free download for a limited time and this is your chance to get it.

“Zkate esa bless” (slang for whip out that ganja) has the rappers of Zonora Point dropping some cool verses of the laid-back beat with their characteristic humor and swagger (is that word already used up? too 2008, right? Oh well…). You’re probably already familiar with Zonora Point who have also been featured on Remezcla a few times in the past. They are the biggest crossover Chilean new school hip-hoppers thanks to their collaborations with French producer Douster who introduced them to the Zizek ñu-cumbia scene. Now check them doing some purist boom-bap rap.

Zkte esa bless – Dj Dacel con Zonora Point – Sol de Octubre – PTC012 by Potoco Discos